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Looking for your next world music experience? Look no further than the members of MOST Music’s Festival & Club Exchange! The event venues and festivals below all share the open eye in their line-ups that we all desperately need! Offering a world music programme, they are all worth the visit – especially since, in MOST, they work in pairs, making artist exchanges between themselves and paying mutual visits to each others’ events. Let’s get the party started!

Round 1

Adriatico Mediterraneo

For the last 13 years Adriatico Mediterraneo, located in picturesque Ancona, has been a safe harbor and solid platform for cultural exchange, artistic expression, and cooperation for musicians and artists of the Mediterranean region.

D Festival

North Macedonia
D Festival is a a unique three-day multimedia experience on the Dojran coast. Started in 2011, North Macedonia’s only open-air festival is getting more popular every year.


Etnosoi! is an annual festival in Helsinki with concerts, club nights and side events.

Fengaros Festival

Fengaros turns the quiet Cypriot village of Kato Drys into a global center of new discoveries and fresh talent.

Fira Mediterrània

Fira Mediterrània in Manresa, Spain is a multifaceted festival focusing on music, performing arts, and on pop culture, weaving an exciting fabric of culture, tradition, and modern entertainment.

“Heritage” World Music Festival

“Heritage” World Music Festival celebrates Hungarian tradition through contemporary and folk art. Their mission is to plant the love of cultural heritage in young children and to spark a dialogue between generations.

Jazz Factory Festival

North Macedonia
Jazz Factory Festival has an authentic, multidisciplinary approach to promoting jazz culture. No wonder they have grown to be an important brand element of the city of Bitola in North Macedonia.

Kamičak Ethno Festival

Held in an 18th century Croatian fortress, Kamičak Ethno Festival spreads a message of mutual understanding, solidarity, and multiculturalism. They welcome anyone interested in fresh cultural interpretations born in Croatia and in neighbouring countries.

Méra World Music Festival

Méra World Music is an intimate village festival, the only one of its kind in Romania.

Mikołajki Folkowe

One of the oldest and best known folklore festivals of the region, the Polish Mikołajki Folkowe welcomes musicians who re-interpret folk for a contemporary audience. Visitors can also enjoy film screenings, theater, visual art, and a maker fair.


Musicastrada Festival has been defined as one of the Italian boutique festivals where the location is the main strength. We like and offer an intimate atmosphere, small stages, and small squares where all is organized for music, artists and audience enjoying a real sound in the endless beauty of our country.

Outernational Days

Outernational Festival celebrates diversity in all its forms. Throughout its artistic and discursive program, the festival encourages social inclusion, the elimination of cultural boundaries and social barriers.

Valley of Arts

The Valley of Arts is a magical week-long festival built around three rural Hungarian villages. Urban visitors dance together with locals, contemporary meets authentic folk, and many seemingly different generations hang out together with natural ease.

Vrelo Zvuka

Vrelo zvuka is a project launched in 2017. at the Mochvara Club (Zagreb, Croatia). Since no world music festival was taking place in Croatia at the time, we decided to launch a permanent program based on concerts, but we also hold workshops, forums, and similar events.

World Music Fest Zeman

A fresh discovery amongst festivals, World Music Fest Zeman is set in the exciting Serbian cultural hub of Novi Pazar, and is curated by renowned musicians of the region.

World Music Festival “Todo Mundo”

Belgrade is a melting pot of cultures, perfect for the whole world (Todo Mundo) to meet. This festival grew from three of the earliest Serbian evangelists of world music joining forces to create a big event for local artists.

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