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Looking for your next world music experience? Look no further than the members of MOST Music’s Festival & Club Exchange! The event venues and festivals below all share the open eye in their line-ups that we all desperately need! Offering a world music programme, they are all worth the visit – especially since, in MOST, they work in pairs, making artist exchanges between themselves and paying mutual visits to each others’ events. Let’s get the party started!

Round 3

Atelier Café

Atelier Cafe is located in the heart of Cluj-Napoca, in the middle of the center (old city), where a lot of tourists and students pass by. Atelier Cafe has its own strong, returning, loyal and curious audience. This allows the club to be more experimental, to bring more eclectical, lesser known bands and acts, because there is always interest for it. The café can seat 120 people, it's perfect for a cozy jazz concert, but also great for live concerts, parties or DJ sets with 200-300 visitors. Be it soul, funk, jazz or world music, Atelier is the best place to visit.

BalkaBarna Festival

The aim of Balkabarna Festival is to make the Balkan communities residing in Barcelona and Catalonia more visible, to sustain and consolidate the Balkan music scene in the city, and to reinforce the historical tie existing between Barcelona and the Balkans.


Bosnia and Herzegovina
DŽUMBUS FESTIVAL started back in 2016 when a group of young people from Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, decided that they want to organise something new, something different, unordinary and solely to their liking. From electronic to rap and hip-hop, from pop to heavy metal, local independent artists of all genres have been and continue to be the heart of DŽUMBUS.


Eurofonik promotes creation from European traditional music. "We highlight the European cultural diversity. We created the festival in 2012; from 2016, the festival became itinerant: we organize concerts and other events in many venues in Nantes and some neighbouring cities. We plan all the concerts in partnership with the venues: a big rock venue, two national labelled places, monuments, but also smaller venues, associations."

Guinguette Chez Alriq Club

An independent cultural and festive place created in 1990, with a single ambition, that of perpetuating the spirit of the guinguette, a true symbol of French folklore, by creating a sort of intergenerational cabaret where everyone could come and listen to eclectic live music, but also dance and eat.

Katowice JazzArt Festival

Katowice JazzArt Festival is an international, interdisciplinary festival dedicated to improvised music, organised by the institution Katowice of Gardens since 2012. The festival is a member of Europe Jazz Network. The program specialises in the young European scene, projects combining music and other art forms and social activities. Since 2020 we have developed a complex program for artistic residencies and exchanges (with Novara Jazz, Jazzkaar, BMC etc.). Since 2017 the festival became the very first Polish member of Keychange initiative that guarantees gender balance in the program.


Kokopelli is a free two day festival where the organisers choose contemporary melodies & beats with influences from all over the world and do not limit themselves to one style. "We give young bands a chance and bring international talent for the first time to belgium. We guarantee that a visit is a total experience. Everywhere there is something to experience by a variety of sounds, colours, tastes, smells and impressions."

Kraj Vardarot Jazz Festival

North Macedonia
Kraj Vardarot Jazz (meaning: Jazz by the Vardar River) refers to one of the most beautiful Macedonian folk songs, which takes place by the same river. It is a symbol of the festival’s healthy ambition toward developing an international event for contemporary jazz, world and classical music.

Malomfesztivál / Windmill Festival

Windmill Festival wants to break down all barriers, eliminate inner limits, banish borders between people and between countries. They want to show the unspoilt beauty of Vojvodina, Serbia, where time has stopped (or at least slowed down).


Metno international ethno festival is the oldest of its genre in Croatia, first organised 2008. Located in Makarska, a maritime town on the Dalmatian coast, Metno already featured the biggest names in the Croatian and Balkan world music scene, as well as several groups from around the world. Workshops are a regular part of the event, promoting traditional, especially vocal music.

Mumush festival

”Mumus” is the Hungarian name of the ”Bogeyman” - A demon used for inciting fear in children to get them to behave, ‘mumus’ has a different face in every culture. The festival's name comes from the belief that everyone struggles with their inner ’mumus’ which represents all the fears they need to let go of. The organisers of this very nature-centric Transylvanian festival believe the power of art is the power of freedom over fear.

Nights in Old Ljubljana Town International Festival

Nights in Old Ljubljana Town International Festival has, in its 34 years of existence, evolved into the largest street festival in the Slovenian capital. With its rich accompanying programme, it represents one of the most complex cultural projects in Slovenia. The 3-day festival, which usually takes place in the last week of August, attracts to over 50.000 visitors each year. With various world music and jazz genres, it offers an exceptionally diverse and unique concert experience.

Porto Etno festival

Porto Etno is an international world music and gastro festival that gathers hundreds of performers (musicians, dancers, chefs) every year, turning Rijeka into the epicentre of world culture for one weekend. The festival grew out of a traditional event, a folklore festival of national minorities, so Porto Etno Festival is the best example of Rijeka multicultural collage.

Prishtina Music Conference & Rave Festival

The quest of Prishtina Music Conference is to instill a healthy music culture with progressive cultural values, support of artistic efforts and expansion - it's the result of of continuous research, travel and hard work. Rave Festival is a gathering of electronic music folk, with artists old and new.

Salva a Terra – Ecofestival

Salva a Terra Eco Festival (meaning: "Save the Earth Eco Festival") is biannual village festival, located in Salvaterra do Extremo, in the Tejo International Natural Park in Idanha-a-Nova, whose main aim is to target social ecology and sustainability.

Sofia Live Festival

Sofia Live Fest is a "breath of fresh air" – a contemporary open air live music 4-day-long event. Sofia Live Festival is an innovative festival for urban culture and music, following European standards. Currently Sofia Live Festival is the only Bulgarian festival bringing together on one stage both established and young artists of modern urban music.

Street Mode

Street Mode is an annual music, art, and sports festival held in Thessaloniki since 2009. It is one of the largest festivals in Greece, reaching thousands of visitors, with a program that includes musical performances in 5 stages and more than 15 street culture events.

Transform – Trondheim World Festival

In 2005, Trondheim municipality arranged the Transform festival for the first time. The idea behind the festival was that music from around the world would be presented in Trondheim and that different nationalities would come together and enjoy and share each other’s company and culture.

Welcome in Tziganie

The "Welcome in Tziganie" adventure began in 2008 with the creation by the association Air of the Balkans of a festive and cultural event during which the gypsy and Balkan artists are in the spotlight.

Wrong Fest

In its 10 editions so far, Wrong Fest has hosted a variety of musicians in different genres. The festival can generally be labeled as alternative and has recently focused on artists from Europe and former Soviet States. Genres include: avant-garde music, gypsy punk, dub, post punk, punk jazz, alternative hip hop, psychedelic, and more.

Zvuk for Štiavnica / Sound for Stiavnica

The goal of the Zvuk for Štiavnica music festival is to popularize world music and jazz and present them in non-traditional forms. Music reaches people through atypical Štiavnica concert venues and also in absolutely new locations: in in combination with the musical genres of fusion, crossover, contemporary music, hip hop, in connection with other cultures, or in combination with new technological procedures.

Round 2

ARTE Feastival

Arte Feastival is the first international family festival, located in the spa capital of Bulgaria, Velingrad. This unique three-day family celebration offers a first class world music program. Additionally, visitors will find comedy and stand-up shows, too. There are also live star chef demonstrations and a stage just for kids and teenagers. Arte has amazing options for the entire family. The fun goes for three days, 15 hours a day. #BALKAN

Balkan Trafik

Hosted in Brussels, the capital of Europe, Balkan Trafik showcases the diversity of the Balkans and the Balkan diaspora at its best. The event welcomes over 6000 visitors each year with diverse programming. The organisers are strongly committed to show the reality and beauty of Balkan cultures, and to engage in a fruitful dialogue with the EU visitors.

Bánkitó Festival

Bánkitó Festival is an underground music and cultural festival with a strong social focus. The small festival's name comes from the beautiful Bánki lake, the heart of the event. Around the lake there are concerts, theatre shows, NGO booths and other fun things to do. The 3-day program is a unique selection of national and international music. There is also independent theatre, contemporary arts, and civic and cultural programs.

ESTAM world music festival

ESTAM world music festival started as a student project in Kragujevac, Central Serbia. This one-day festival had shows by Naked and Oratnitza, worldwide renowned Balkan bands. The organisers saw an ideal climate for seeding a festival that will promote the Balkan world music scene, so ESTAM continued. ESTAM is a two-day festival in December, at the Knjaževsko-srpski theatre. #BALKAN

Festivali Artisteve te Rruges – Festival of Street Performers

The Festival of Street Performers is one of a kind. The street party brings together young and passionate artists from Albania and abroad. They perform in different disciplines of art, always near a cultural monument, and changing the location each year in the city of Tirana. They want to bring attention to local roots through contemporary and boundless street arts. #BALKAN

Gardens of Sounds

Gardens of Sounds is a gem of Katowice, aiming to introduce the sounds of the world to Polish audiences, reaching a broad demographic as a festival and educational project. Year by year the event focuses on different geographical areas – from taranta and pizzica, the music of V4 countries, musical and cultural similarities and diversity between European and African countries, and more.

Globaltica World Cultures Festival

Globaltica is an extraordinary festival in the Polish summer with the goal to showcase multiculturalism and bring traditions and cultures closer together. However, tradition should not feel like a museum, but as a living culture, a part of today’s life. Globaltica features contemporary artists inspired by tradition and roots of the places they come from, „translated” into a modern language of artistic and social communication.

Goulash Disko Festival

Goulash Disko Festival is a crowdfunded event, and a fun party for 1500+ international music lovers. The festival for over 9 years has been representing music genres rooted in the global underground. So you will find gypsy punk, latintronics, bollywood funk, dub, ethnic  downtempo, and more. #BALKAN

Haapavesi Folk Music Festival

Haapavesi Folk Music Festival is a 3-day music event with high quality Finnish and international folk music and world music, alongside with some classical, jazz, pop and cross-genre acts. The festival week starts with acclaimed Folk Courses which are taught by several top folk musicians. 

Kvaka 22

Meaning „Catch 22" in Serbian, Kvaka 22 is an NGO by young artists, for young artists. Although it started as a DIY venue, it is now one of the most recognized hubs for bands touring the Balkans. Kvaka 22 is  also one of the most important galleries in Belgrade. #CLUB #BALKAN

Lokum fest

Lokum fest is a unique ethno-fusion and world music festival. The event's home is an ancient, 15th century Turkish bazaar in Bitola. „Lokum” comes from an old custom: to have a coffee with your neighbours. This is a beautiful ritual of the Balkans, where people from different cultures, religions or classes can meet. #BALKAN

Music in Village – Estensioni

Music in Village is a culture and music festival dedicated to environmentalism with concerts located in beautiful Italian natural reserves, monuments, churches, unusual and surprising venues. The programming ranges from jazz to world music, folk and electronica.

Old Town Street Fest

Old Town Street Fest in Mostar is a true city-wide festival with 6-7 stages. Music, dancing and fun take over the picturesque Balkan town. Locals and tourists claim public spaces and historical monuments. They party on the bridges, caves and piazzas of Mostar's Old Town. #BALKAN


„It is almost unreal that in just three hours you can travel to such distant musical corners and have physically moved a few hundred metres” – Danish music journalists raved about this small venue festival in Odense, Denmark. Resonator focuses on folk, roots and rhythms from around the world. The programming presents both very traditional and very modern acts, meant to create lifelong memories in visitors, so that the music keeps resonating with them.

Festival Șaraimanic World

#WORLD #BALKAN Festival Șaraimanic World is a circle dance of Earth. Roots, tribal, barefeet. Romania, the home of Gypsy music, welcomes MusicTellers from the Balkans, Africa and Latin America in a fairytale-like nature spot, Brezoi, close to Bucharest. 3 days and 3 nights surrounded by rivers, mountains and forests. 29-31st July 2022, Festival Șaraimanic World in Brezoi, second edition. Besides its aim to create a microuniverse of fantasy, Șaraimanic is a cultural movement that wants to change the perception of Gypsy music in Romania. Therefore they are raising awareness for this important segment of a global culture, world music. Due to racism and communism, Gypsy music hasn’t met the recognition it deserves, and it didn’t have the right context to develop. On the other hand, festival organisers want to expand the art of improvisation through these cultural music exchanges of artists from different countries. They aim to become a cultural point of attraction for audiences outside of Romania, a Mecca of Gypsy music.


The many different cultural events organised at Sargfabrik, located in Vienna, have become an integral part of the culture scene in Austria. The weekly cultural program runs from September to June and features a wide range of music from Europe and other regions of the world, including jazz and world music as well as traditional folk music. The children’s cultural program is a big attraction for the very young. The venue for cultural events has 315 m2 of space for festivities and events of all types. #CLUB


Every year for the last twenty three years, at the end of August the historic city core of Varaždin is transformed into the largest stage in Croatia. During the ten days of Špancirfest, the streets, squares, palaces, parks, gardens, and courtyards of historic Varaždin become stages, theatres, restaurants, bars, clubs, classrooms, and shops at the largest, most popular and most diverse Croatian festival. #BALKAN

Tivat World Festival

Tivat World takes place in the Boka Bay. Their home is the most sunny town in Montenegro: Tivat. The lineup is mixed: many arists are local, from Montenegro, or regional, from the Balkans. The international artists come from at least three different continents. Thus, Tivat World is a small world in one place! #BALKAN

Trefpunt Festival

Trefpunt Festival is the heart and soul, the main organiser of the Ghent Festivities, a huge 10-day city festival in the city of Ghent, Belgium. With its main stage at St. Jacobs church and small stages all around the city, Trefpunt is a fun public celebration of the arts.

Viljandi Folk Music Festival

Viljandi Folk Music Festival takes place in the historic Viljandi Castle Hills and city centre every July since the beginning of 1990s. The festival values traditions, heritage and local identity and keeps traditions alive, strengthens national character and invigorates the „musical mother tongue”. 

Round 1

Adriatico Mediterraneo

For the last 13 years Adriatico Mediterraneo, located in picturesque Ancona, has been a safe harbor and solid platform for cultural exchange, artistic expression, and cooperation for musicians and artists of the Mediterranean region.

D Festival

North Macedonia
D Festival is a a unique three-day multimedia experience on the Dojran coast. Started in 2011, North Macedonia’s only open-air festival is getting more popular every year.


Etnosoi! is an annual festival in Helsinki with concerts, club nights and side events.

Fengaros Festival

Fengaros turns the quiet Cypriot village of Kato Drys into a global center of new discoveries and fresh talent.

Fira Mediterrània

Fira Mediterrània in Manresa, Spain is a multifaceted festival focusing on music, performing arts, and on pop culture, weaving an exciting fabric of culture, tradition, and modern entertainment.

“Heritage” World Music Festival

“Heritage” World Music Festival celebrates Hungarian tradition through contemporary and folk art. Their mission is to plant the love of cultural heritage in young children and to spark a dialogue between generations.

Jazz Factory Festival

North Macedonia
Jazz Factory Festival has an authentic, multidisciplinary approach to promoting jazz culture. No wonder they have grown to be an important brand element of the city of Bitola in North Macedonia.

Kamičak Etno Festival

Held in an 18th century Croatian fortress, Kamičak Etno Festival spreads a message of mutual understanding, solidarity, and multiculturalism. They welcome anyone interested in fresh cultural interpretations born in Croatia and in neighbouring countries.

Méra World Music Festival

Méra World Music is an intimate village festival, the only one of its kind in Romania.

Mikołajki Folkowe

One of the oldest and best known folklore festivals of the region, the Polish Mikołajki Folkowe welcomes musicians who re-interpret folk for a contemporary audience. Visitors can also enjoy film screenings, theater, visual art, and a maker fair.


Musicastrada Festival has been defined as one of the Italian boutique festivals where the location is the main strength. We like and offer an intimate atmosphere, small stages, and small squares where all is organized for music, artists and audience enjoying a real sound in the endless beauty of our country.

Outernational Days

Outernational Festival celebrates diversity in all its forms. Throughout its artistic and discursive program, the festival encourages social inclusion, the elimination of cultural boundaries and social barriers.

Valley of Arts

The Valley of Arts is a magical week-long festival built around three rural Hungarian villages. Urban visitors dance together with locals, contemporary meets authentic folk, and many seemingly different generations hang out together with natural ease.

Vrelo Zvuka

Vrelo zvuka is a project launched in 2017. at the Mochvara Club (Zagreb, Croatia). Since no world music festival was taking place in Croatia at the time, we decided to launch a permanent program based on concerts, but we also hold workshops, forums, and similar events.

World Music Fest Zeman

A fresh discovery amongst festivals, World Music Fest Zeman is set in the exciting Serbian cultural hub of Novi Pazar, and is curated by renowned musicians of the region.

World Music Festival “Todo Mundo”

Belgrade is a melting pot of cultures, perfect for the whole world (Todo Mundo) to meet. This festival grew from three of the earliest Serbian evangelists of world music joining forces to create a big event for local artists.

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