Kvaka 22


Meaning „Catch 22″ in Serbian, Kvaka 22 is an NGO by young artists, for young artists. Although it started as a DIY venue, it is now one of the most recognized hubs for bands touring the Balkans. Kvaka 22 is  also one of the most important galleries in Belgrade.

The club is trying to select different genres and artists to satisfy the audience’s curiosity. They are almost always fully booked, pitched by booking agencies and bands all the time. They select performers according to the artistic quality of the proposal, keeping in mind their program diversity. For example, they try not to book too much of the same genre. The club also experiments by pairing artists from different genres on the same night – a great audience success.

As a collective, Kvaka 22 is a flat democracy: „No one has a predefined role, even though we almost always reach a balance in terms of activities thanks to different skills. In terms of internal organisation, we have an intercultural team: most of our members are Serbs, but we are closely working with foreign artists (from Spain, Colombia, USA, etc) and cultural managers (from France, Croatia and more) to run our programme. We are also involving refugees thanks to our bar manager who is originally from Kurdistan.

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