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In the Festival & Club Exchange pillar we are looking for events or cultural venues that have an eye for high quality programming, including world/global/folk/traditional music. In MOST Music, we create opportunities for them to connect and learn from each other, while being mentored by the best event experts in the market.


Balkan beyond exoticism

The Balkans are a breathtakingly beautiful, culturally and historically complex region of Europe. However, MOST Music wants the European audience to look beyond the Balkan stereotype, and treat it not as something exotic but as something inspiring and intriguing where great art is being created right now. Contemporary festivals and event venues create amazing opportunities for mutual understanding. Sparking curiosity, communicating history and culture, emotion and roots – live world music can do all this! We believe in the power of music to mediate between cultures, and we want to support and connect those events and spaces who actively work on it – this is the core belief of the Festival & Club Exchange program.

From concert to community

The goal of the Festival & Club Exchange program is to foster a community of event organizers. As trivial as it sounds, real, personal relationships between European music event organizers is key. Each year we select 20 festivals and clubs and pair them up – one ‘Balkan’ festival with one from ‘the rest of Europe’. This exchange broadens the professional network and artistic scope of both parties. The exchange itself is overseen by a prominent expert of the field, so that the mutual visits, the co-curation process and the exchange of best practices and artists bring the most benefit to everybody.


Selected Festivals

Live music is power! In the first and second round of the MOST Music Festival & Club Exchange, we have already selected amazing events and venues who foster the connecting power of music. Check them out and put them on your travel bucket list!

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Any questions?

If you have any questions about the Festival & Club Exchange program, or about MOST Music in general, check our FAQ page or contact us at info@mostmusic.eu email address.


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