Guinguette Chez Alriq Club

An independent cultural and festive place created in 1990, with a single ambition, that of perpetuating the spirit of the guinguette, a true symbol of French folklore, by creating a sort of intergenerational cabaret where everyone could come and listen to eclectic live music, but also dance and eat. Sheltered from the urban frenzy in the heart of the Parc aux Angéliques (right bank of Bordeaux Bastide), Chez Alriq has always wanted, during all these years, to guarantee moments of encounters, exchanges and generosity around local artists of heart or coming from distant lands, proposing a programming with world sensibility of any musical edge but also a land of games and creations for all the artistic practices (street art, street art, circus, humor, well being, dance)
Open from April to December.

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