Balkan Trafik

Hosted in Brussels, the capital of Europe, Balkan Trafik shows the many faces of the Balkans and the diaspora at its best. The event welcomes over 6000 visitors each year with a diverse program. The organisers are committed to show the beauty of Balkan cultures and to spark a dialogue with visitors.

From its beginning in 2007, Balkan Trafik festival’s goal has always been to help the public better understand the Balkans. Therefore the organisers wanted to spark public debate. Thus they strive to familiarise people in EU with the Balkans of today. They found that culture was a great way to do this.

With this in mind, Balkan Trafik creates two to three artistic residences a year. They receive artists from South East Europe, and also from the Balkan diaspora in Belgium and Western Europe. In return, the artists create performances for Balkan Trafik.

Each year more than 100 artists visit the festival from South East and Western Europe.

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