Prishtina Music Conference & Rave Festival

The quest of Prishtina Music Conference is to instill a healthy music culture with progressive cultural values, support of artistic efforts and expansion. The conference is a result of continuous research, travel and hard work –  it took 4 years to plan the first edition, that was a great success with 20 international guest speakers, and 20 local speakers.

PMC’s 2022 motto on being consistent in approach, delivery and demeanor gives rise to new musical experiences in this fresh chapter of our music industry. A lack of excitement to new sensations has pushed for a new, carefully-studied plan from Rave, aiming to form a new musical identity for our city. In never-seen-before venue, we present Rave Festival, a conceptual loop that will keep on giving to a non-ending, consistent excitement for a gathering of electronic music folk, with artists old and new.

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