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The second round of application for the Balkan Music Exchange Pillar is closed now. The third round will be open in the Spring of 2022. If you’re interested in applying, sign up for the monthly MOST newsletter on the bottom of the page.


The Balkan Music Export pillar aims to support world music artists from all related subgenres (using a broad definition of world music that includes traditional, folk, ethno, ethno-jazz, global beats, conscious, sacred and beyond), to connect to the global music market.

Altogether 12 artists will be selected in this call. We hold up 3 places especially to encourage world music artists with a more spiritual music approach and also conscious music performers who can present their skills in performances that boost mind, body and spirit, and present a connection to nature and mindfulness. The rest of the places will be open for all kinds of world music artists as defined above.

The project aims to jump-start the international career of artists in several ways. Every year at least 10 artists will be enrolled in the Balkan Music Export pillar, receiving support and greater visibility to create a buzz about world music from the Balkans.

The project’s scope in the Balkan region includes the following countries: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo[1], Albania, Macedonia, Romania and Bulgaria.

Please note that the working language of the project is English.


What we offer:

Training and artistic promotion

  • Financial support for creating a new artist portfolio (photo, video & audio materials)
  • 1-year-long mentorship programme with the most recognised music professionals from Europe
  • 5-day-long training course on band management and artist portfolio in Novi Sad, during the EXIT Festival 2022 (July 2022)
  • Feature on the MOST Artist Selection CD issued by Songlines, promoted at the WOMEX22 special issue

Participation at showcases and networking events

  • Performing opportunity for a number of selected bands at the MOST Showcase hosted by EXIT Festival in Novi Sad, the European Capital of Culture in 2022
  • Financial support for showcasing opportunities in Europe (e.g. WOMEX22, PIN, Tallinn Music Week etc.)
  • Participation in WOMEX22 as delegates
  • Representation through the the project and the MOST Artist Selection CD at several regional fairs
  • Networking opportunities with music professionals and artists from Western Europe and from the Balkans


What we cover*:

  • Artist portfolio: production costs
  • Training course: travel and accommodation costs (max. 2 artists / band)
  • International showcases: travel and accommodation costs, registration fee
  • WOMEX22 delegate participation: travel and accommodation costs, registration fee (max. 2 artists / band)

*The amount of financial support is defined by taking into consideration the size of the band, local costs, etc. as well as the recommendations and rules of the Creative Europe programme. Some caps on financial support might be introduced to ensure equal opportunities for all selected participants.


Selection criteria:

  • artist’s international potential
  • diversity of selected artists by style, to match the profile of showcase events

In Round 2, we hold up 3 places especially to encourage world music artists with a more spiritual music approach and also conscious music performers who can present their skills in performances that boost mind, body and spirit, and present a connection to nature and mindfulness.

  • popularity/artistic quality
  • long-term engagement with the project
  • quality of artist’s basic infrastructure (web, communication)
  • artist’s local audience size
  • quality of existing audio and video material (technical and artistic)
  • diversity of selected artists by sub-scenes in world music (e.g. sevdah, brass bands, etc.)
  • diversity of selected artists by gender
  • diversity of selected artists by geography

How to apply

  • Please fill out the application form below
  • To get an overview of the application form, click here!
  • Deadline for submission: 12 December 2021

Indicative timetable

Publication of the Call  – 10 November 2021
Deadline for submitting applications – 12 December 2021
Programme kick-off: beginning of 2022


Timeline of activities:

1, CALL – November 2021: An open call will be announced for world music bands and artists, to apply to the Balkan Music Export pillar.

2, SELECTION – January 2022: 12 artists will be selected and announced by the Jury.

3, MENTORSHIP – all year long, 2022: Mentors develop the steps for the artists’ marketing and management strategies, assist them in choosing the showcase festival that might have the biggest impact on the artist’s career. Mentors act as the artists’ ‘ambassador’ in the professional world during the mentoring period.

4, ARTIST PORTFOLIO – all year long, 2022: Mentors and artists work jointly on the artists’ portfolio, including boosting their online presence and producing new recordings and videos.

5, MOST Artist Selection CD – Spring 2022: Songlines, the renowned world music magazine publishes a special selection CD featuring artists of the Balkan Music Export Round 2. The CD will be an insert in one of the Spring editions of the magazine, distributed to subscribers all around the world.

6, TRAINING COURSE – July 2022: In the summer of 2022, during the EXIT festival artists get a 5-day training, covering the following elements: production; communication with audience; digital presence. The program also functions as a jam workshop, where artists have the chance to work closely together and inspire each other.

7, PARTICIPATION AT MOST SHOWCASE HOSTED BY EXIT FESTIVAL – July 2022: A number of selected bands will have the opportunity to showcase their music on the stage at EXIT Festival 2022. The Festival will host a special event next summer in Novi Sad, the European Capital of Culture in 2022, dedicated to MOST and the music of the Balkan region. The showcase will be combined with a conference and delegate programme, inviting 100+ delegates from all over Europe.

8, PARTICIPATION AT INTERNATIONAL SHOWCASES – all year long, 2022: Under the mentoring program artists will have the support to be introduced in at least one major European showcase.  Mentors support artists and might accompany them to international events, introducing them to music managers and giving them professional advice.

9, WOMEX 2022 – October, 2022: Participating as delegates at WOMEX is a great opportunity for band members to engage in networking with mentors, partners and jury members of MOST and beyond. Showcase concerts and conference sessions are an important source of inspiration for bands that will be also encouraged to apply in the official showcase selection of WOMEX. Bands will be promoted via the Artist Selection CD by Songlines as well.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) disclaimer

In view of the current international situation regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we reserve the right to make changes in the content of the programme. Events that are affected by travel restrictions might be postponed or held online.

Re-application of MOST participants

The alumni of the Balkan Music Export pillar cannot reapply in Round 2. Persons who have been previously involved in other pillars of MOST (FEX, MT, POLICY) are eligible to apply to the Balkan Music Export programme. However, priority will be given to those who have not yet participated in the project.


[1] This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244/1999 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence.


Open call


Showcase artists selected for the program will get professional training and mentoring, assistance with artist portfolio and access to major professional and networking events. The artists will be chosen via a thorough and transparent selection process, and will be featured at the Balkan Showcase in Novi Sad in 2021, and at the MOST Showcase event in 2023.

Selected Artist

True, unadulterated talent, and gallons of untapped potential, ready for international attention – check out the 20+ amazing bands and artists that were selected for the first two rounds of the Balkan Music Export pillar of the MOST Music programme.

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