Mumush festival

”Mumus” is the Hungarian name of the ”Bogeyman” (like ‘Babau’ or ‘El Coco’). A demon used for inciting fear in children to get them to behave, ‘mumus’ has a different face in every culture. The festival’s name comes from the belief that everyone struggles with their inner ’mumus’ which represents all the fears they need to let go of. The organisers of this very nature-centric Transylvanian festival believe the power of art is the power of freedom over fear. The festival is completely DIY & brand-free, with an emphasis on ecological and social awareness promoted through different workshops & activities. It’s a small festival with 2 stages and a lot of activities, focusing on psychedelic music, world music and different genres of electronic music (like house, techno, downtempo, trance).

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