Hangvető Ltd. shall send newsletters at regular intervals to users who have registered on its website, by which it shall notify registered users of significant events organized by Hangvető Ltd. or partners of Hangvető Ltd., and also of promotions announced by Hangvető Ltd.

Registration on the website shall entail the processing of personal data in accordance with the following rules:

1. Details of the data processor

Hangvető Zenei Terjesztő Társulás Ltd

H-1054 Budapest, Hercegprímás Street11. III. 1., Hungary (“service provider”)

Company registration number: 01-09-719984

2. Contact information of the data processor

Tel.: +361 209 8828

3. Legal basis of data processing

Consent of the concerned party shall serve as legal basis of data processing pursuant to point (a) of Section 5 (1) of Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information (the “Privacy Act”).

4. Scope of processed data

Hangvető Ltd. shall process the following data submitted during registration:

e-mail address

5. Purpose of data processing

Data submitted during registration shall only be used within the framework of promotion campaigns or for the purpose of sending notifications of events organized by Hangvető Ltd. or partners of Hangvető Ltd., and also of promotions and events announced by Hangvető Ltd.

6. Persons authorised to access user data

During registration, employees of the service provider and its contractual partners or entrepreneurs may access the data submitted by users, for the sole purpose of fulfilling their functions within their scope of activities, and only to the extent necessary for such purpose.

7. Duration of data processing

Data submitted by users shall be retained by the service provider. Users may unsubscribe from the newsletter and as a result, the service provider shall delete all processed data from its registry.

8. Copyright

Websites of Hangvető Ltd and all pictures, graphics, logos, written content, data and information available on these websites, as well as their layout fall under copyright protection, and it is prohibited to copy, store electronically or by any other means, multiply, transfer, disseminate, print or make them public, either in whole or in part, to an extent exceeding normal conditions of use without the prior express written authorization of Hangvető Ltd. Unauthorized use is unlawful and Hangvető Ltd shall initiate legal proceedings against such actions.

9. Rights of the user concerning data processing

The newsletter service cannot be used without submitting mandatory personal data. Users may request information concerning the processing of their personal data. In such a case associates of the service provider shall verify legitimacy of the request (via e-mail or phone) and shall then answer the questions. They shall, in particular, provide information regarding the content of processed data, the purpose of data processing, the legal basis and duration thereof, the data processing company and its activities relating to data processing, and also regarding the person receiving the data and the purpose of reception.

Should users believe that the service provider violated their right to protection of personal data, they may enforce their rights in the court of law pursuant to the Hungarian Privacy Act and the Civil Code of Hungary or may seek assistance from the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information.

Accepting and amending data processing rules

By registering, the user agrees to abide by these rules on data processing. The service provider reserves the right to amend this Information on Data Processing Rules unilaterally, subject to prior notification sent to users. The amended Information on Data Processing Rules shall be deemed accepted by users upon their first use of the service following the entry into force of the amendment.


Budapest, 1 January, 2020

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