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Who are the people making things happen in the musical and cultural scene of the Balkans and the rest of Europe? These guys! Meet the participants of the MOST Urban Project Hub, where we seeked to facilitate collaboration between local institutions, and people with great ideas. Let’s get creative!

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Round 2

Altin Gjoni

Altin Gjoni is a session musician and music marketer active in Tirana’s creative and music scene. In the last 5 years, he recorded remotely for hundreds of international artists and managed music-related businesses.

Ana Todorovska

North Macedonia
Ana is a multidisciplinary artist, festival fanatic and a psychologist working in the field of expressive arts, based in Skopje. Her extensive experience as a DIY event and community organizer brought AlterFest to the table: a platform for exchanging skills and creating a strong local alternative scene. AlterFest is imagined to be an annual travelling music festival that will use the capacity of alread existing cultural institutions thus offering decentralization of culture and bringing life to smaller urban areas, easier access for artists who do not live in the capital city, enriching the program of the host institutions and providing support for multiple local economies.

Armand Mesaroš

Armand is from Subotica, a multicultural city near the Serbian-Hungarian border, and his aim is to organise so-called “music wellness workshops” in the area to explore the health benefits of playing music and promote quality time for citizens.

Denil Babovic

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Denil Babovic is local musician in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina who changed his workflow and view of the music scene after the coronavirus pandemic. In an effort to revive the distraught alternative music scene in Tuzla, Denil took a step in providing up-and-coming young musicians and talent an opportunity and a space to practice, develop, hone and grow their craft. "Even though the project is still in its early development, the flow of bands has already increased, which is a staggering positive step, from old bands being revived to new bands being formed and to providing already established bands a space to work professionally."

Katerina Popovska

North Macedonia
Katerina Popovska is a youth worker, photographer and a non-formal education trainer. She is an environment activist and as a music lover who took part in the creation of SFEST, a multidimensional music festival.

Krisztina Koszorus

Krisztina Koszorus ‘Koszika’ is a Transylvanian born and based singer, songwriter, lyricist, composer, violin player and cultural enterpreneur.

Nikola Rajović

Nikola Rajović is a manager in pop culture, a dj, music producer, promoter, vinyl junkie, occasional writer, podcaster and interviewer, founder of Montenegro Music Conference (MMC). MMC is a two-day international conference for independent artists, which consists of knowledge exchange meetings and panel discussions with relevant stakeholders and music authors from the country, region, and Europe. As a part of the evening programme, local independent music artists and bands perform who can take this as a chance to promote their work.

Petar Yordanov

Petar Yordanov is a multinstrumentalist, composer, creator of several bands and one of the pioneers in the hand pan instrument group. He is always open to experiment with new genres and collaborate with new artists. By organizing public concerts through the infrastructure of installed hang drums, his mission is to bring harmony and peace to the everyday life of people through music. His drum concerts can provide access to the instrument for many people, imporving the enviroment and creating a platform for other intercultural events and dialogue. 

Rusita Boeva

Rusita is an actress and a musician, who worked in a theatre and organised musical events, participated in a project creating space for young people in her town. The idea for a Street music festival came as an attempt to make different music genres accessible for everyone in town.

Strahinja Babić

Strahinja Babić is an event organiser, social activist, and co-founder of the DUK festival - the festival that integrates music & art with extreme sports. Their aim to enhance the cultural life and bring more diversity to the local community by organising music events. The project idea is to lay the foundation of a new segment of the DUK festival and design a space for local and regional artists to connect and present their music to a broader audience.

Todor Ivanovski

North Macedonia
Todor Ivanovski is an organiser of Lokum Festival held in the city of Bitola, a city in the south of North Macedonia, 15 km from Greece - also know as the city of pianos. With the support of Urban Project Hub and their partners, he would like to create a local cultural policy which connects the independent cultural scene and the state cultural apparatus. "We are determined to make that change, and finally, musicians, bands, and the independent scene can become a relevant local partner, and equal participants in the creation of the cultural program, distribution of public funds and mutual networking and initiating new projects."

Veton Kastrati

Veton Kastrati is an English teacher from Malisheva, Kosovo, movie and music lover, activist organising an open air festival which would bring together DJs and young groups to perform electronic, trance and house music, along with workshops, short films, photo exhibitions promoting local cultural heritage.

Round 1

Aleksandra Pavlović

Aleksandra Pavlović is a music editor at Student Cultural Center of Kragujevac that started as a simple concert event, but later the most prominent regional world music artists started to show up.

Anes Husanovic

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Anes applied to the Urban Policy pillar to create a campaign for a ‘friendly music strategy’ that stands on three legs: better music education, more live shows, and smarter production and promotion.

Dejan Mihajlović

Dejan Mihajlović is a teacher and music lover who started origanizing Border Rock festival 5 years ago, and in that time, brough over 80 foreign bands to his small town of Kladovo.

Izabella Kiskasza

Izabella is a youth worker, event organizer, social worker, and city maker. She works on Street Delivery in Baia Mare so that pedestrians can get their streets back. One of their ideas was the Street Music Festival.

Jelena Bozic

Jelena Božić is a young communication expert from Novi Sad, Serbia. A journalism postgrad, Jelena works at Kulturanova, manages the Muzikanova project, work at a youth radio, trains with the Deutsche Welle, and studies to be a youth worker.

Katarina Pejak

Katarina Pejak is a Berklee-educated singer-songwriter and pianist based in Belgrade. Sensitive to shifting currents, she created the Balkan Crossroads project to help tackle limitations Serbian artists are facing.

Ruth Koleva

Ruth Koleva is a Bulgarian-born New York City based singer-songwriter who’s curious more about “what lies in the shadows, rather than on the spotlights”.

Stefan Momikj

North Macedonia
Pirka AVH, a project by Stefan Momikj is a specific demonstration of music performances on uniquely selected locations.

Vasil Hajigrudev

Vasil Hajigrudev is a musician, composer and co-founder of Sofia’s “Da Bade Foundation” and the Novi Sad collective “Horz”.

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