Festival Șaraimanic World


Festival Șaraimanic World is a circle dance of Earth. Roots, tribal, barefoot. Romania, the home of Gypsy music, welcomes MusicTellers from the Balkans, Africa and Latin America in a fairytale-like nature spot, Brezoi, close to Bucharest. 3 days and 3 nights surrounded by rivers, mountains and forests. 29-31st July 2022, Festival Șaraimanic World in Brezoi, second edition.

Besides its aim to create a micro-universe of fantasy, Șaraimanic is a cultural movement that wants to change the perception of Gypsy music in Romania. Therefore they are raising awareness for this important segment of a global culture, world music. Due to racism and communism, Gypsy music hasn’t met the recognition it deserves, and it didn’t have the right context to develop. On the other hand, festival organisers want to expand the art of improvisation through these cultural music exchanges of artists from different countries. They aim to become a cultural point of attraction for audiences outside of Romania, a Mecca of Gypsy music.

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