North Macedonia

Jazz Factory Festival

Jazz Factory Festival has an authentic, multidisciplinary approach to promoting jazz culture. No wonder they have grown to be an important brand element of the city of Bitola in North Macedonia.

In the past two years Jazz Factory Festival has grown into a recognizable brand in the city of Bitola, and has established itself on the Macedonian and European jazz scene as a festival that nurtures contemporary and progressive music with a focus on domestic and regional jazz musicians. Their commitment, impeccable organization and realization was recognized by the European Association of Festivals EFFE with the Remarkable Arts Festival award. Jazz Factory Festival is also part of the regional association of Jazz Festivals connecting cities from Petrovac to Skopje.

Jazz Factory Festival has an authentic approach to promoting jazz culture – a mix of educational workshops, master classes, music industry and journalism, networking and regional collaboration, and the promotion of domestic and regional jazz musicians.

Artists who performed at the festival include Teodosij Spasov – Bulgaria, Vasil Hadzimanov – Serbia, Dusan Jeftovic – Spain, Toni Kitanovski, Saso Popovski, Fiers, Kabadajas, Jole Grujovski and others. With a total of 15 concerts and 6 workshops on the stage of the National Theater Bitola, as well as local clubs and cultural stages, Jazz Factory Festival has had a attendance of 3000 visitors in their first two editions.

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