Hardcore professionals, badass female drummers, assistant beekeepers – we couldn’t have selected a more colourful palette of manager trainees for the first round of MOST Music’s Management Training pillar. Cultural and music management is both business and pleasure, so we can’t wait to start working with these awesome and talented future managers. Let’s get down to business!


Zsófi Szerda

I work as a journalist, photographer, and editor at the culture section of the Serbian weekly Hét Nap. I’m organise and manage Windmill Festival the international contemporary theatre festival, Desiré Central Station. I was the assistant of theatre director Kokan Mladenović. I illustrated two books and had my own photo exhibitions in Serbia and Hungary.

Tamás Horváth

Tamás Horváth is an orgnanizer of Windmill Festival (Malomfeszitvál) in Orom, Serbia where he is responsible for the coordination of the musical programming of the festival. He is also the vice president of Wemsical Serbia, a Kanjiža based NGO working for the general development of youth culture and education – good music included.

Tejka Vasiljevic

Tejka is a one-woman show. She plays drums in YÖU, drives bands on tour, does TM, works as backliner, promotes independent bands, and loves stage diving. She’s a production manager in Password Production, the Head Representative for the Balkans in Women in Live Music, and CEO of Skopje Drum Talks.

Stefan Sablic

Stefan is the founder of Ethno Fusion Fest, promoting under-represented cultures in Serbia, the wider Balkans and the Mediterranean region. The festival takes place in the beautiful courtyard of the Belgrade synagogue. Stefan is the founder of the Shira U’tfila, preserving Sephardic musical heritage of the Balkans, Mediterranean and North Africa. He also directs theatre.

Sabina Baciu

With a background in communication and new media, Sabina has been working in the past 12 years at various jazz festivals (Jazz in Church, Green Hours International Jazz Festival), film festivals (ShortsUP), visual arts exhibitions, trainings in entrepreneurship in creative industries, conferences dedicated to the creative sector, and even educational projects (One World Film Clubs, […]

Ovidiu Florian Andris

Ovidiu works both as an organizer and promoter of local and national cultural events. Always oriented on finding sustainable solutions for project writing and project implementation processes, Ovidiu constantly follows classes and workshops that offer him the opportunity to enrich his managing abilities, here mentioning SuCarMus și Lab for European Project Making.

Milan Vračar

Milan is an independent cultural producer and a president of Association Kulturanova. He was involved in countless international projects and almost all important events in Serbia, such as EXIT festival. He is always learning and doing residencies from Paris to the USA. He is also board member of several international networks.

Mate Palestrina Mazić

Born in Slovenia, but mostly raised in Zagreb and on the island of Ugljan, I understand the beauty of diversity. I work as program manager at Greta Gallery in Zagreb. Event management fulfills me both professionally and a personally. My safe place is anywhere where I can be close to music, concert venues, and musicians.

Marin Jurcic

I’m an independent music promoter and also into digital marketing. My favorite topics are indie record labels, new music, and food. I love attending concerts (or better yet organising them). Professionally, I did many things from artist development at a small label to festival and concert organisation.

Marin Bošnjak

Ever since my first job (bass tutor) I was committed to the music industry. I did music production with various studios in BiH and Croatia, learning the psychology behind music production and working with musicians. Having finished the Music Production Academy in Zagreb, I now manage Mostar Rock School’s studio and audio engineering education program.

Katarina Mitić

Katarina is a musicologist, music supervisor, and creative marketer. She worked for Warner Music Group and 20th Century Fox, right now she is a PR and Marketing Manager at Charm Music and works on Rock Camp for Girls in Serbia. She also launched her own platform – Music Storyline.

Jasna Jovićević

Jasna is a jazz saxophonist and composer from Serbia. After her studies she continued to work and study around the world from India to New York. She released 5 solo albums, teaches music, and instructs yoga. She is a founder of multiple projects affirming gender equality and improvisation, such as Balkan Women in Jazz.

Gorjana Jordanovska

Gorjana has dedicated most of her existence to Password Production, working on the biggest festivals in North Macedonia, such as Taksirat, D Festival, Green Beach Festival, PIN Music Conference & Showcase Festival, etc. In 2019 she was made project manager of the Creative Europe project HEMI (The Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation).

Gordana Manasijeska

With twenty years of experience in journalism and production, I can finally bask in music! My experience as a booking agent made me uniquely fine-tuned and qualified to produce and set up quality shows for the bands I represent. I adore my profession, it opens many doors to discover great music.

Georgi Popov

Georgi from Sofia is a percussionist, a Capricorn, and a guy who loves to cook. He is addicted to tahini, reading, and traveling. He loves to sample original music tracks. His favorite musical trip was to Cuba, one of the most inspiring places he’s ever been to.

Filip Krumes

Filip is classically trained violinist who performed with various world music, jazz, pop, and classical projects all across Serbia and in almost all countries of Europe. He works as the artistic director of  the “” World Music Festival in Pančevo, Serbia, and was involved in creating local cultural policy at the city of Pančevo.

Dubravko Matancevic

Dubravko is the CEO of a the independent label Only Records. He built the label from scratch, he is leading an experienced team that includes well established, top industry artists, producers, and songwriters. As CEO his goal is to give th industry a new, positive voice. Only Records has a growing catalog of 500+ records.

Dragana Kuzmanović

Dragana is a professional accordionist and teacher. Driven to give more, she founded an NGO and the festival Eufonija in Novi Sad, which quickly became popular. She plays in Serboplov, in the Serbian production of Fiddler on the Roof, and in her free time she’s an assistant beekeeper and a mom of two boys.

Danilo Grbic

Danilo is a music and entertainment professional with 20 years of experience. He led or been a part of hundreds of projects from idea to realization, always keeping a finger on the industry pulse. Recently he focuses on executive production and led a bootstrap music startup for over 4 years.

Ciprian Moga

Ciprian co-produced the acclaimed revival of “West meets East” the iconic project of Yehudi Menuhin and Ravi Shankar. He created Jazz Fan Rising, an association of jazz aficionados organizing concerts in Bucharest and Cluj, with top-notch musicians. Ciprian has 25 years of experience in business consulting.

Boyan Robert Pinter

Boyan started his manager career driving the van of the band he played in, booking hotels and taking care of payments at the end of the night. He worked with some of the biggest names in music, from Sting to Roger Waters. The artists he managed played at Glastonbury, and toured as far as China.

Anna Dantchev

Anna Dantchev is a singer, composer, and co-founder of the label Glomama Music. Though she lives in Helsinki, she has a strong connection to Bulgarian culture and cultural sector through her family, which shows up in her work. She has worked in a cultural sector and music business and have knows the scene deep down.

András Bethlendi

András is the director of Méra World Music Festival in Transylvania, Romania. He is an active community catalyser and cultural manager in the rural area around Cluj-Napoca. He is a lawyer by profession, but is deeply knowledgable about traditional folklore of the region. He believes in sustaining local culture and communities through international events.

Andela Galic

Anđela works as curator apprentice at Sinj Cultural Arts Centre, creating all sorts exhibitions, film screenings, performances, plays, panels, film and music festivals, and enriching local community. She also works at the small team of Kamičak Ethno Festival, selecting performers and participating in all stages of organization.

Ana Sima

I am that kind of person that is 27 and feels like 67, but has the energy of a 7-year-old. My team and I are writing, organising, implementing, and evaluating events that are created to positively impact the wellbeing and education of communities from a young age through music. That gives me hope every day.

Ana Milosavljević

Hello dear people! I am Ana, half Serbian and half Macedonian, from Belgrade. I am a founder of Iberia Fest, and have over 8 years experience in cultural management and organization. I founded an Association for Promotion of Arts and Culture, ”Artiana”. I am also a board member of the World Music Association of Serbia.

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