Globaltica World Cultures Festival

Globaltica is an extraordinary festival in the Polish summer. The goal is to showcase multiculturalism and bring traditions and cultures closer together. However, tradition should not feel like a museum, rather a part of modern life. Globaltica features contemporary artists inspired by tradition and roots of the places they come from. They „translate” their roots into a modern language of artistic expression.

Globaltica takes place in the breathraking Kolibki Park in Gdynia. This is a spacious meadow in the forest, close to the sea. It is also close to the city centre, by the main alley on the border between Gdynia and Sopot. The natural advantages of the place, incomparably better than the closed space of a concert hall, foster the creation of a unique event on a high artistic level.  The main focus is music, but the festival always includes a presentation of works from other arts, such as literature or film.

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