Dejan Mihajlović

Dejan Mihajlović is a teacher and music lover who started origanizing Border Rock festival 5 years ago, and in that time, brough over 80 foreign bands to his small town of Kladovo.

Border Rock is a DIY pop/rock festival established in Kladovo, a small town on the Serbian/Romanian border, since 2017. In addition to the evening music program Border Rock includes music, comics and origami workshops for kids, art exibitions and music books presentations from the authors / artists from East Serbia province. In 2018 Border Rock moved to the open air (local fortress) and the music program included 11 bands from 6 different countries. Other local associations took their part such as children theater group “Putokaz” or nature lovers club “Divljina”. Children enjoyed being a part of the festival!

All the activities were included in 2019 too, with great shows of 10 bands from 5 different countries.

Border Rock is approved and co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and Information, local government, USA Embassy in Serbia and local sponsors.

My name is Dejan Mihajlović, I’m a music and arts lover, a teacher (18 years) and a principal’s assistant in Kladovo Primary School and founder of Border Rock. I'm married to Ankica (truly adorable person) and we have two kids – Aleksa (7) and Tamara (4). I started to bring music bands to Kladovo 5 years ago and during that period more than 80 foreign bands played in my little town!

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