Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels

The Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels (BOZAR) stands out as a unique arts centre in Europe. An interdisciplinary platform for intercultural dialogue and debate with an international scope, guided by a European mission and a commitment to artistic excellence, located in a 1920 Art deco building, this multidisciplinary arts centre hosts exhibitions, music concerts, performing arts, literature and debates.

It has almost 4.000m² of exhibition space (about 6 expos per year, with 30.000 to 100.000 visitors), a 2.100 seat concert hall, a 480 seat theatre and 2 smaller theatres and host. The programme is realised together with over 750 partners across the EU and beyond each year. BOZAR organises about 10 events per day and attracts more than 1 million visitors each year.

In the past ten years BOZAR has been transformed into a meeting place and a laboratory for society. This shift has been fueled by BOZAR’s conviction that the arts and culture nourish imagination, inspire individuals and activate communities, while contributing new ways of thinking about social issues, while placing contemporary challenges within an historical frame.

Operating at the intersection of art, policy and society, BOZAR strives to organize or present projects and events that activate citizens. Through exhibitions, concerts and events, BOZAR brings together artists, intellectuals, philosophers, policy makers, scientists, entrepreneurs and citizens in order to stimulate a diversity of ideas and opinions. In doing so BOZAR uses art as a policy whispering tool, while transcending culture as a purely artistic endeavour that serves to entertain and educate, but rather is also used as a vehicle to enlarge discourses.





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