Urban project planners, organizers and creators, we’re so happy to have you in the 4th pillar of the MOST Music project – the Pilot for Urban Policies! In this pillar of MOST Music we called for applicants with plans to realize an urban project related to the cultural field: a festival, a venue, or any type of urban community. During their MOST training they would receive feedback from mentors, sharpen their ideas, and create a business plan.

It is no surprise that this pillar has maybe been the hardest to implement amongst the unexpected disruptions of the pandemic. Participants were oftentimes dreaming about communal events in public spaces. Crowds, gatherings, music, parties, festivals, and more – these dreams were harder to realise in the past months.

Therefore we are especially proud to announce that all participants of MOST Music’s Urban Policies pillar who completed their training got the green light! These weeks participants are receiving final feedback from their mentors and continue refining their ideas and project plans. Once they submit the final version of their project proposal and the board deems their project plan complete, they will receive funding from the MOST project.

Among the 6 participants who completed their training and held their final presentation, there are many highlights to chose from. Participant Aleksandra Pavlović from Serbia pitched the ESTAM world music festival, an event that would take place in August 2021 in an outstanding venue – Knežev arsenal. The industrial site would give space to workshops, music events, street art, and performances – all this to bring the genre of world music closer to a younger generation of concertgoers.

Knežev arsenal in Serbia

Another participant, Izabella Kiskasza proposed Street Music Fest that would take place in Baia Mare, Romania, breaking the unwritten rule that the audience of a festival cannot be actively involved in it. Izabella’s grassroots idea would focus on street performers, involving all residents of the city, and not excluding who love rhythm and who need an excuse to dance.

We at MOST Music are excited to see how the project plans finalise, and are, again, extremely proud of the professionalism and detail-oriented mindset that our participants brought to the table.

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