Check out the renewed Balkan World Music Guide!

We know there’s no definitive guide to something as beautifully diverse as Balkan music. The new, extended edition of MOST’s Balkan World Music Guide sums up our past four years, featuring 30 artists, 27 clubs and festivals in the Balkans and 24 European counterparts, managers and urban creatives feeding the scene with their work and passion. You could call it a family guide: we have worked with them, we formed a community, they are active and love Balkan music as much as we do. 

Whatever you call it, the Balkan World Music Guide is a good starting point to explore the region and learn to appreciate the nuances. The free pocket book and its digital version was compiled by Budapest-based Hangveto, the leading organization of MOST Music. It offers a thorough look at the vibrant scene and the achievements of the 4-year-long MOST project in Southeast Europe, brimming with talent and rich in musical treasures.


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