A very important meet cute is happening right now– as the very last event organized institutionally by MOST in 2020, we are currently hosting an online speed dating session to get Balkan Music Export and Management Training participants acquainted with each other.

Based on pre-determined preferences, bands, artists and managers are now meeting up one-on-one, and taking turns, as everybody meets everybody they are interested in. As Hangvető programming director Balázs Weyer said at the kick-off meeting, the initial, superficial preferences, just like in dating, sometimes turn out to be unfruitful – however, this is the perfect opportunity for these young professionals to evaluate what is most important for them in a band-manager relationship, and to find common ground for the future.

As the very last event of the year organized by MOST before European countries go on winter vacation, this speed dating session will, in our hopes, keep the momentum of this year’s trainings going in the Management Training and Balkan Music Export pillars.

Photo taken at Méra World Music Festival, one of our Festival Exchange participants.

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