We are thrilled to have received dozens of applications for the Urban Project Hub pillar. In this MOST Music pillar we are looking for creative project ideas that target local or regional music scenes in the Balkan region. The selected applicants will receive training and mentoring, and some of them will be selected for financial support for the project’s realisation.

Since this is the very last chance to apply to the Urban Project Hub pillar (there is no Round 3 in this pillar, as opposed to the Balkan Music Export, Management Training and Festival & Club Exchange pillars), we decided to lend an extra two weeks for applicants.

Apply now to the open call until midnight on the 31st of March!

If you have any question about the application process, you may reach out to us in email, or in a Facebook message.

Bankito Festival, member festival of the MOST Festival & Club Exchange pillar


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