When can I apply for the calls?

In every round there is a two-month long period when the application for the calls are open. For 2020 the application is closed and the next round will be open in 2021 – the dates will be defined according to the COVID-19 situation.

How does the COVID-19 affect the programs?

All the programs that are part of MOST’s four-year project will still be going ahead, and applications are still open. Events that are affected by travel restrictions will be postponed or held online. We will notify you of new venues, dates and formats as soon as we have finalised them. Thank you for your understanding.

Why are Greece, Slovenia and Turkey not included in the list of Balkan countries?

In the MOST project, Balkans are not necessarily defined in geographic terms but as an area that shares the same music market challenges. As far as we are concerned, Greece, Slovenia and Turkey are different in this sense.

Can I apply for several Programs at the same time? (eg. apply to Balkan Music Export and Management Training)

Yes, applying simultaneously to several pillars is accepted. But please take into account, that in case of oversubscription those applicants who have successfully applied for another pillar will be subordinated.

What kind of project ideas can be supported by the Urban Policies Program?

The jury is open to any idea which is strengthening the local music scene and fostering the social and municipal support for local music projects. The project can be both an event and a long-term improvement, but please note that sustainable project ideas are preferred.

For example, a project encouraging quality live music in the HORECA sector or wall paintings promoting local artists or events can also be accepted by the Program.

What type of collaboration is expected with the local municipality?

The applicants should have the capacity to involve the local municipalities as stakeholders in the process. It doesn’t necessarily mean financial contribution, but policy change, permits or other in kind contributions as well. 

Besides these, one representative of the municipality has to take part at the second training event, planned in October 2020.

Do I have to apply with a pair for the Urban Policies call?

Urban creatives can apply on their own but when handing in the application they have to confirm that they will involve a policy-maker from their local environment later in the process.

What can I use the support for?

The support can be spent for any type of costs related directly to the implementation of the project without any restrictions.

What is the exact amount of the support?

The support has a maximum amount of 5.000 EUR/project, but the jury has the right to award lower amounts depending on the budget and the size of the project.

If you have any questions, please contact us by writing to the info@mostmusic.eu email address.

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