Clap your hands say yeah! for the 25 MOST Music – Management Training winners! These promising young women and men were handpicked by the jury, as the emerging talent of the Balkan world music scene of today. The second round of the Management Training program is just as competent and diverse as the first one, it’s definitely worth getting to know them.

Music industry professionals are always very interesting people – we know this, but we are still surprised! By day, these guys are genetic engineers, software developers, filmmakers, artists, journalists and academics. By night, they make the coolest things happen in South Eastern Europe. Festivals, record labels, booking agencies, workshops and much more is in their portfolio.

Our 25 Management Training Round 2 winners are:

Aleksandra Pavlović • Ana Vrbaški • Constantin Adrian Bancu • Danial Georgiev • Darko Kuzmanoski • Dino Chupevski • Iris Canaj • Ivan Blažinović • Jelena Božic • Jovana Lukic • Jozsef Halmen • Lamija Sarić • Leart Avdiu • Nela Peshovska • Niya Petrovaa • Ognen Stojanoski • Petya Stoykova • Sonja Djuric • Stanislav Drča • Tomislav Rašković • Vasil Buraliev • Vincent Šepić • Yana Ivanova • Zlatina Richeva • Zoran Krdžić

Congratulations to all of you! You can read more about our winners, as well as the participants of the first round.

Photo by Špancirfest, members of the MOST Music – Festival Exchange program.

The MOST Music team can’t wait to start working with this group of inspired young professionals. In the Management Training pillar we provide training, mentoring and networking opportunities to our participants. We also offer them trainee positions in MOST Music’s extended international network, at renowned world music institutions such as Piranha Arts (the headquarter of WOMEX) or Songlines magazine.

If you want to join the MOST family, you still have a chance to apply to the Urban Project Hub pillar – Apply Now! We are looking for music-related project idea pitches that focus on your town, city or region. The best project ideas will be selected and winners will go through a training and pitching competition. In the end, the best ideas will get generous funding and support for the execution.

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