We are very happy to announce an official media partnership between the International Arts Manager and MOST Music! It is always great to amplify MOST talent’s voices, and it makes us extremely proud to see them on the cover of such a prestigious magazine!

International Arts Manager is the only global magazine for performing arts professionals. Published monthly, IAM is an inclusive magazine for those who seek an international focus, the latest news, exclusive interviews, investigative features and opinions from cultural leaders around the world in the fields of opera, dance, classical music and theatre.

Cover of Issue 9 of IAM magazine featuring MOST: Bridge for Balkan Music.

MOST Music and Balkan Music Export pillar artist Lakiko on the cover of IAM Issue 9 (May 2021).

The feature article focuses on the quest that inspired MOST Music, and how the program structure was developed. The interview with Balázs Weyer, Head of Music in the MOST Music project explains how the MOST network works, and what issue lies in the heart of this cooperative, network-building project.

‘The Balkans is a very strong area content-wise: they have a lot to offer. But for some reason those artists can’t reach the global market’

– says Weyer who’s had successful network-establishing projects in the region of Visegrad countries that resulted in a tight-knit network of Central European world musicians.

Weyer also talks about the research they’ve done to build the MOST Music program, and the key problem areas they identified in the music market of the Balkens. He emphasized the importance of training young, regional arts and music managers and connecting them with the right people in the Western European infrastructure of world music, so that they can make a difference when it comes to promoting the unique talent they represent.

For the full article, check out Issue 9, Vol. 17 of International Arts Manager, available as a digital publication or in print!

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