The Pilot for Urban Policy call is still open for ideas for boosting the music in your cities. The calls are meant for tandems: pairs of urban creatives and policy makers. In the first phase now urban creatives (individuals) can apply for the call. Deadline is 17 May – you can still send your application on the weekend!

What projects are we thinking of? Here are some best practices:

  • Amsterdam has a night time mayor, a figure responsible for coordinating and strengthening the nightlife and music scene in the Dutch capital. The Night Mayor is an important sounding board and active partner in discussion for all participants in the night; this includes the City Council, entrepreneurs and local residents. The Night Mayor is a thorn in the side of the City Council, but is also someone who can strike the right tone in order to accomplish set goals. By creating a mutual understanding, the Night Mayor changes the game.
  • In South Africa, the organization Bridges for Music uses electronic music as a universal language to break down socio-economic boundaries and help social integration. It is a non-profit organisation using the power of music to uplift communities through new age creative education. Artists have a strong engagement with the fans and as opinion leaders they have a responsibility to raise awareness and take action. They believe the music industry has a great power to “give back” but the result will be exponentially bigger if we pull all together in the same direction – they invite star musicians for workshops for kids.
  • Népszínház Karnevál was a locally organized community carnival in Budapest in the VIII. district with the goal to strengthen tolerance and social acceptance towards migrants, without whom this neighborhood today is almost unimaginable. It was organized by a community space and by volunteers with hundreds of people and a lot of music.

Do you have an idea like that? Apply NOW!

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